India is postponing the launch of its GISAT-1 satellite


India Today said that the Indian Space Research Corporation had modified the launch schedule of the GISAT-1 remote sensing satellite on board the GSLV-F10 rocket, due to a “minor technical problem” in the space device. The newspaper stated that this satellite was to be launched. On March 28th, according to weather conditions.

According to “RT”, it is known that it was initially planned to launch this satellite on March 5 of last year, but this was postponed one day before the launch for technical reasons, and the Indian Space Research Foundation justified the delay with the outbreak of the Corona virus epidemic.

The newspaper quoted a source in the Indian Space Corporation, whose name was not mentioned: “There is a small problem in the satellite, at the moment, and we are planning to launch it on April 18th.”

Also, regarding the conditions of satellites, the eighteenth squadron of the US Air Force, which specializes in space monitoring, recently announced that the US satellite NOAA 17 Unemployed burst.

The squadron indicated in a tweet on its website on “Twitter” that “the satellite.” NOAA 17 It exploded at 10.11 Moscow time on March 10, and from observing 16 pieces that resulted from its explosion, no traces of it colliding with another object were discovered.


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