“Information”: The fall of “Reuters” regarding the delinquent vessel is a fatal professional mistake … and the agency’s explanation is not sufficient


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The State Information Service, Reuters, has demanded a clear correction and retraction of the incorrect news that it published on Monday afternoon, in which it claimed, according to unknown sources, that “the ship, the Evergreen, has gone back and veered by the winds, and is in the width of the canal again.”

The authority indicated that this false news came at a time when the Egyptian efforts were at the height of being crowned with success in fully floating the ship.

SIS President, press writer Diaa Rashwan said that the authority had immediately contacted officials of Reuters in Cairo to rectify this fatal professional mistake, which came at a precise time, as the world was holding its breath as it followed the tremendous Egyptian efforts to end the crisis and restart the channel. Which makes for such incorrect news, moral and material damage to the image of the Egyptian efforts, and to the interests of many international parties affected by the crisis.

Rashwan added that, after the intervention of the Information Authority, Reuters published an extensive report on the return of navigation in the canal, which included a review of the Egyptian efforts, as well as a paragraph indicating that “after several hours of partially floating the ship, it returned for a short period to be in the width of the canal before it was completed. Fully edited ».

Rashwan stressed that this report is not sufficient, pointing out that the SIS officially called on Reuters to retract the false news, and also demanded that it abide by the internationally recognized rules for the profession of journalism, the rules of journalism and the credibility and scrutiny it requires, especially in such delicate circumstances.

Rashwan noted that the SIS will be entitled – in light of Reuterss response – to take all that Egyptian and international laws allow it to do with regard to press publishing controls and the effects and damages that could result from it.

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