Instagram limits posts to shared stories


Digitalinformationworld revealed that Instagram will add a hashtag for posts that are re-shared by followers on their stories, and the TestingCatalog account on Twitter has published an image that gives an illustrative example of re-sharing a post from Reels and from the main Instagram news series, and an attached tag appears at the top of the screen showing the source These publications.

This is not a major change, but it will reduce users’ interest in re-posting the same post on their account and their stories, and Instagram can take strict action in this regard, as it previously prevented some users last January from re-sharing their posts from the account to the stories, which sparked controversy on communication platforms. Social.


Instagram said, “People prefer seeing their original photos and videos in stories from people they care about more than posting them in the main news series on the account,” so you want people to better understand how others feel about the type of content. She added that this would improve the experience of stories.


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