Interior Minister: Terrorism is trying to attract young people to train them to spread rumors


Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, welcomed the strengthening of security cooperation in all fields so that the Arab peoples could enjoy more stability, as this came during his speech at the thirty-eighth session of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers, with the participation of Interior Ministers in Arab countries, which met through the television circuit.

The Minister of Interior added that terrorism still represents a major challenge, and violates the most important human rights, which is the right to life, pointing out that terrorism is trying to attract young people via the Internet and train them to use weapons and spread rumors to harm their country.

Tawfiq continued: The attempt to drown the country with drugs represents one of the security challenges, and we succeeded in Egypt in thwarting drug smuggling attempts through great efforts, stressing the importance of exchanging information on terrorist crimes and organized crime.

The Minister of Interior indicated that there are continuous attempts to keep pace with the unprecedented development in the country, as the Interior Ministry is working to update its human resources vocabulary, so a center for security and strategic studies has been established, and work to employ the center for the benefit of Arab security work, as well as the creation of a peace-keeping center, while it welcomes The Ministry of the Interior is hosting Arab cadres in the Egyptian police websites.

On Thursday morning, the thirty-eighth session of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers began, with the participation of interior ministers in Arab countries, as well as the League of Arab States, the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, the Arab Sports Federation for Police, and high-level Arab security delegations..

The session discusses a number of important topics on the agenda, including the report of the Secretary-General of the Council on the work of the General Secretariat between the thirty-seventh and thirty-eighth sessions of the Council, and the report of the President of the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences on the work of the university between the two sessions..

Among the most prominent topics included in the agenda of the session are the draft of the tenth Arab security plan, the draft of an eighth Arab media plan for security awareness and crime prevention, and the draft seventh interim plan for the Arab Traffic Safety Strategy..

The session also discusses recommendations issued by conferences and meetings organized by the General Secretariat between the thirty-seventh (2020) and thirty-eighth (2021) sessions, and the results of joint meetings with Arab and international bodies, in addition to a number of other important topics..


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