Invest EGP 500 in the National Bank Certificate with a 9.5% return


The National Bank provides investment certificates of 500 pounds for a period of 10 years, for Egyptian natural persons and foreigners, adults, and minors with a return of 9.5%, to be paid with cumulative interest.

Its advantages:

The minimum certificate is 500 pounds and its multiples.

Certification is valid for up to 10 years.

The periodicity of the return disbursement: benefits are cumulative.

Return rate: 9.50%.

It is permissible to borrow against it from any of the bank’s branches.

The certificate shall be recovered at the end of its period in its full maturity value.

It can be refunded after six months from the business day following the day of purchase.

The return is accumulated to be given to the customer at the end of its term.

Certificates generate a cumulative return at a fixed interest rate throughout the term of the certificate, which is determined according to the prevailing price on the date of issuance of the certificates and is calculated as of the business day following the date of purchase.


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