Irrigation: We face water challenges because of the Renaissance Dam … and the citizen’s role is to protect and preserve water


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Engineer Mohamed Ghanem, spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, said that Egypt is facing water challenges as a result of Ethiopias unilateral policies and its rejection of negotiations, in addition to the increase in population and climate changes that have affected our water resources.

Ghanem added, through a telephone conversation with the “Public Opinion” program on the “TeN” satellite channel, on Monday, that there is great pressure on our water resources, and the citizen’s role is to protect water and preserve it from waste and pollution, pointing out that the per capita share of water has reached 550 meters. Cube per year.

He explained that the Water Resources Law is in line with the new challenges facing the Egyptian state, and the aim of this law is to regulate the irrigation process, and to ensure the process of distributing and delivering water in the most efficient and fair manner without any delay or problems.

He pointed out that the Water Resources Law has passed 37 years ago, and needs to be amended to keep pace with the changes, as it protects water from any forms of encroachment on canals and the Nile, in order to protect citizens.

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