Is Ahmed Fathy excluded from the national team because of the captain’s armband? .. Hossam Al-Badry is responding


Hossam El-Badry, the coach of the Egyptian national team, denied that the reason for the exclusion of Ahmed Fathy, Ayman Dahir, Pyramids, from joining the Egyptian national team, is due to the captaincy of the national team and Fathi’s earlier objection to abandoning it. He was closed to Ahmed Fathy in the national team because of the leadership badge at all, but every stage has its priorities, and why does he not rejoin the team in a future period?

And how to choose the player who carries a badge Team leadership And the possibility of following a method other than seniority. Al-Badri said: Everything is possible. We may follow a new scenario in choosing the captaincy of the national team, and each stage has its own circumstances, and we witnessed a great behavior of Nyi towards Mohamed Salah in yesterday’s match when he asked Al-Sulayyah to give Mohamed Salah the badge, and we all know the value of Muhammad. Salah.

Continued Badri Speaking about winning over Comoros in yesterday’s match: A very important victory at the end of the qualifying campaign, and the stages are linked to each other, and winning a good performance gives us motivations, and we lived through difficult periods and I do not want to talk about them so that they are not negatives that the players depend on, when I received the responsibility I faced the Corona crisis and the league stopped Morale was very low for the national team, especially after we left the Nations Cup, and our mission was to restore confidence.

He added: AndThe fans are back to qualify The Nations Cup despite the difficulties, and the teams are different from the clubs, because the clubs have time and space, but the teams have a short period of time and depend on the status of the players joining you, and we see pressured professionals who play every 3 days, as well as the locals.

He concluded: Every time a period passes, we see stability in the national team and the basic strength has become almost constant, and I do not know the secret of the unjustified criticism. It is illogical.


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