Is there a intention to break the Zamalek club … Mido opens fire on Al-Ahly?


Ahmed Hossam Mido, the former star and coach of Zamalek, opened fire on Al-Ahly club, after the crisis of the Egyptian Basketball Super League match, which was canceled due to the attendance of the fans.

“Al-Ahly has the right to request the fans to leave the Zamalek match hall, but Al-Ahly officials should have respected the historical relationship between the two clubs and the match continued after the crowd left the stadium,” Mido said in televised statements on Al-Nahar TV.

He continued, “I have a question for the Al-Ahly board of directors, what is the goal of insisting on the departure of legends the size of Hisham Yakan and Hamada Abdel-Latif from the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match halls, especially after the departure of the fans? Is there a deliberate act to break the Zamalek club?”

He continued: “As long as the list is not applied to everyone from the start, the Basketball Association has no right to punish Zamalek, and a message to everyone,” No one knows how to break the Zamalek club. ”

The Egyptian Basketball Federation had issued a decision considering Al-Ahly the winner of the match and the defeat of Zamalek Club, with the imposition of a fine on the White Castle of 30 thousand pounds, and the transfer of one match to the last outside its home.


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