“Is there a sane person who does that?” … The defense of the accused of defaming the hostile girl’s honor demands that he be placed in a psychiatric hospital


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On Wednesday, the Cairo Criminal Court continued the trial of the accused of indecent assault on a child in Maadi.

The session was held under the chairmanship of Counselor Sami Mahmoud Zain Al-Din, and the membership of Advisors Ashraf Muhammad Issa, Muhammad Muhammad Muhyiddin, Kamel Samir Kamel, and the secretariat of the Secretary of Sherif Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Farouk.

The defendant’s defense insisted on his request made in the last session to deposit the accused in a psychiatric hospital under observation to find out whether or not he was ill, and added that his client suffers from a temporary condition and that his work as a security supervisor confirms that this behavior is impossible from a person of full mental strength.

The judge then commented on the defense and asked him: What would the accused do if he had this disease with his 11-year-old daughter at home? The defense replied: “There is a rational person who does that? .. The media hype has caused great harm to the family of the accused.” The judge said that this noise would not affect the court whose role is to prove the truth through evidence and documents.

Counselor, Hamada Al-Sawy, the Public Prosecutor, had ordered the defendant to be referred to the Criminal Court, and a statement of the Public Prosecution said that the accused had deceived to lure her into a property with the intention of keeping her away from the eyes of the censors. To the chastity of her body.

The prosecution established the evidence on the accused with the testimony of 4 witnesses and the statements of the victimized child, and the proof of making a technical comparison and comparison between the image of the accused and the one attributed to him shown in the video of the incident and what was revealed from the photography.

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