Is there a “space world” buried inside the earth? Study reveals


A study revealed, that the mysterious sites of dense rocks lurking in the depths of the Earth’s mantle may be a remnant of the ancient planet Theia, which is an early world that collided with the Earth billions of years ago, and in the depths of the earth there are a number of strange huge points of dense rocks called (LLSVPsAnd a team from Arizona State University believes that these massive regions may have been parts of this primitive world that was destroyed long ago.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, it is believed that the moon may have formed from a giant impact early in the evolution of the solar system, when a planet the size of Mars called Theia collided with Earth, and this planet is what the researchers are now referring to.

Perhaps one of these rocks is called LLSVPs Buried under Africa and another in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, both are so large that they weaken the Earth’s magnetic field.

The researcher suggests Qian Yuan The blobs that extend across the Earth’s core are denser and chemically different from the surrounding rocks.

Perhaps the mantle is a mostly solid internal space 1,800 miles thick between the core and the crust, and it accounts for 84% of the Earth’s total volume.

The researcher explained, that these points reach a height of 620 miles and a width of thousands of miles, making them the largest single thing in the mantle of the Earth.

Several theories attempt to explain its existence, including the idea that it crystallized from deep in Earth’s early magma ocean, or actual parts of the mantle from the primitive planet Theia that collided with Earth.


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