Ismaily: Contracting with Ihab Jalal, “Shekali”


Imad Suleiman, a member of the technical committee and supervisor of the ball at the Ismaili Club, confirmed that things are now stable after contracting with Ihab Jalal to take over the team’s training, indicating that the former coach faced difficult circumstances and lack of success.

Suleiman said in radio statements: “Ihab Jalal is one of the children of Ismaili and Al-Tabai’i, and his presence at the present time.

He added, “Ismaily agreed with Ihab Jalal for 6 months, and the contract was” formal “because he is one of the club’s children.

He explained that the club’s management preferred to have a 6-month contract with Ihab Jalal to first get out of the difficult situation that the club is going through, and from next season there will be a new plan with Ihab Jalal to return the team to its previous era.

He stressed that the Ismaili team obtaining 25 points during the coming period is not difficult, pointing out that the matter will not exceed winning 8 matches, while the team still has 18 matches left in the league.

And he concluded his remarks: “Ihab Jalal will set his own program, and if he requests a camp, we will agree immediately, as he is a coach who has his own policy and always gives confidence to the players, and the team will play a friendly match on the 27th of this month in front of Aswan.”


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