Israa Emad tells Al-Ahram Gate moments of pain with her husband .. My mother-in-law told him: Roll it up and throw it into the sea | Video


Despite the doctors ’success in treating her body wounds as a result of her husband’s brutal assault, another wound is still bleeding in the soul of Israa Imad, 19, so how can someone who has taken it as a support and love to do with her what the enemies do not do with her?

On a bed in her mother’s house in the Al-Siouf area, east of Alexandria, “Israa” threw her exhausted body after the hospital allowed her to be discharged after performing several surgeries on the face and the injured lung as a result of the assault.From behind a face that covered most of the medical gauze, and eyes that seemed wilted from the trail of tears that did not burst forcibly, and a faint sound barely emerging from her mouth with an unmistakable refraction, then “Israa” spoke to “Al-Ahram Gate”, to tell the details of the moments of horror that she lived at the hands of her husband and father Her only child.

Israa says: “Despite the many problems we had, I just went to the heart of our son’s sake and went to his mother’s house to make amends … but unfortunately, I was surprised by him during my reproach to him, beating me with a pocketknife that tore my face and directed a stab in the chest to fall unconsciously soaked in my blood.”

And she adds, “I only turned myself in his taxi, and saw the panic that hit him and his brother, who had sought help, thinking of him as dead, as his brother suggested that he dispose of my body, and when I told him that I was still alive, he told me that he would go to the nearest A hospital, but on condition that I do not admit that he was the one who did it. ”

And she continued: “His mother asked him to wrap me in a sheet and throw me into the sea or under my family’s house,” according to her saying. Rather, the matter came because she asked him not to drive her to the hospital after he attacked him, saying: “I don’t want to go to the hospital because he is going crazy.”

She added, “When I arrived at the hospital in the east of the city with a torn body, the doctors in the hospital heard his threat to me … They informed the police secretaries of the hospital’s security point and arrested him, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution.”

Counselor Ashraf al-Maghribi, the first public attorney for the Montazah Prosecutions in Alexandria, had decided the accused husband for 4 days pending investigations on charges of attempted murder.

The incident turned into a trend on Twitter in Egypt, after activists launched the hashtag entitled “Israa Imad’s Right”, demanding an investigation into the incident, while more than one group was created on Facebook with more than one headline, including “Israa Imad’s Right” and Where is the right of Isra Imad?

Activists on social media posted pictures of Israa Emad with her son “Malik” before the incident, and another after she was assaulted and her face mutilated by her husband.

The First Montazah Police Department in Alexandria received a notification from the East Madinah Hospital in Alexandria, last Friday, stating the arrival of a girl named “Esraa Emad Habashi,” 19 years old, a housewife, with separate injuries to the face, chest and head.

By asking the victim in the investigations, she accused her husband of assaulting her with a white “pocketknife” weapon due to marital disputes, so that her husband was arrested.

During the prosecution’s investigations with him, the husband, named “Muhammad M.” Driver, confessed that he had committed the incident, justifying his crime due to marital disputes that occurred between them and the victim’s release of his feelings – as he said.

Israa Emad tells Al-Ahram Gate the moments of pain with her husband .. “My mother-in-law told him: Roll it up and throw it into the sea.”

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