Israeli Elections: More than 6.5 million voters go to the polls


A national unity government

Photo released, Reuters

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The elections were called following the collapse of the national unity government that was formed last December

Israeli voters cast their votes in the general elections, the fourth in two years, as part of what observers see as a referendum regarding the political fate of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Voting operations in the past three elections had ended without a majority in favor of a specific party, and a national unity government formed to get out of that political impasse collapsed last December.

Recent opinion polls indicate the possibility of a repeat of the same stalemate that was reflected in the results of previous rounds, and that it will produce results that do not resolve the majority.

This time, elections are held and the Israelis are barely emerging from a state of lockdown imposed to limit the spread of the Corona virus, and it also comes two weeks before the resumption of Netanyahu’s trial in corruption cases.

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