Issuing the new ration card, transferring the wife, and compensating for damaged and lost (link)


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Dr. Ali Al-Moselhy announced Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Not adding new babies on Ration cards Only after the approval of the new budget by the House of Representatives, and the door to updating data and newborns will be opened, after the House of Representatives approves the budget items.

Earlier, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade opened the door for receiving requests for birth registration and transportation between governorates in ration cards, wife transfer, new ration cards, as well as replacement cards for damaged and lost items through the website. Support Egypt ومقع Egypt digital portal And set Ministryof Supply A condition for submitting the application online is for the applicant to acknowledge that the data provided by him are correct, and for one of the family members registered on the ration card whose mobile phone number is registered on the Egypt Digital Portal website or on Egypt support site Through which the Ministry receives requests,

The mobile number of the beneficiaries can be registered from Supply card On the Egypt support site, and also on Digital Egypt website, The Ministry of Supply uses these numbers to communicate with the holders of these cards.

The Ministry of Supply provides the possibility to transfer the wife from the family card in the event that she is receiving ration support to the husband’s supply card through a website Digital Egypt As well as across the site Support Egypt.

Beneficiaries of the food subsidy system and bread can log in to Egypt support site Directly, and choose from a list of “catering services for citizens” from the following options:

  1. Register your mobile >> You can choose between: an active food supply card / a new issuance card.
  2. Replacement for damaged and lost >> and the choice is made between: Submit a replacement for damaged and lost / Inquiry for a damaged and lost replacement.
  3. Transferring the card from one governorate to another.
  4. Issuance of a new card >> A choice is made between: a social separation, a new issuance, or a search for a social separation issue.
  5. Activate the ration card and receive the password.
  6. Resend the ration card PIN.

Beneficiaries of ration cards can log in to Digital Egypt website And choose the catering department and choose the services from among that list:

  1. Issuance New ration card.
  2. Issuance of the ration card for a lost one.
  3. Issuance of the ration card for a damaged replacement.
  4. Activate the ration card.
  5. Social chapter.
  6. Include my family members.
  7. Transfer from one governorate to another.

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Issuing a new ration card, transferring the wife, a damaged and lost allowance, and moving the wife (link)

Issuing a new ration card, transferring the wife, a damaged and lost allowance, and moving the wife (link)

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