“It is not permissible by law” .. to local development by extending the period of reconciliation to M.


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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Muhammad Khamis:

Dr. Khaled Qassem, assistant to the Minister of Local Development and the official spokesperson for the ministry, said that the offices for reconciliation on building violations are available tomorrow, which is the final day of submission, continuing: “A reel is not a day of closing paper, the reel that I want to present reconciliation comes from 8 oclock. : 30 in the morning until ten in the evening, for those of our families in the governorates who wish to reconcile.

“Qassem” added in his interview with “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program on the “Al-Hayat” satellite channel on Tuesday evening, that workers and employees in technological centers and neighborhoods do not get vacations for the current period, even on vacations they do not take a break, in order to work to receive families and help them in Progress to reconciliation.

He continued, that the period for submitting the reconciliation paper on building violations, will end with the end of tomorrow, March 31, and those who wish to reconcile even in the last moments will apply tomorrow in localities or technological centers to apply for reconciliation, even if their files are incomplete, saying: “He shall submit and complete two dimensions. “It is only important for now that it opens a file.”

The Assistant Minister of Local Development emphasized: “One saying is not permissible according to the law, to extend the reconciliation period again, as the executive regulations of the Council of Ministers were issued in March 2020 and stated that reconciliation with building violations will be opened for a period of 6 months, and the Prime Minister has the right to extend them. Another period. “

And he added, “It worked in March, and therefore the first period that was supposed to end in September, then renewed for a month in response to the Prime Minister for the citizens, until 10 months, 11 months and 12 months, and civil society organizations intervened in order to extend it again. Extend it until the end of this March, which is tomorrow, and with this the number of times its extension has been exhausted, and it is not legally permissible to extend reconciliation again, and we are under the order of our people until the last person is present inside any technological or neighborhood center, so we will reconcile with him even if a paper is incomplete Important submits and opens a file, and completes the procedures in two dimensions. “

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