“It lasted for 7 hours.” The Dean of Medicine in Sohag reveals the scenes of the rescue, “Saida A.


12:03 AM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Hassan Morsi:

Dr. Hassan Al-Nu’mani, Dean of Sohag Medical College, and a member of the medical team that removed the cleaver from a lady’s head, revealed the scenes of the operation to rescue her and remove the cleaver from her face.

Al-Nomani said, in a telephone interview with the journalist Amr Adeeb, on the “Al-Hekaya” program, broadcast on the channel “mbc Egypt”, on Monday evening, that the injured woman arrived at Sohag Teaching Hospital by ambulance from Abuchit Central Hospital in poor condition, indicating that the operation took about 7 Hours, to be placed in the intensive care unit, under observation.

The Dean of the Sohag Medical College confirmed that the injured woman was unconscious, indicating that she suffered cuts in the head and fractures in the skull, pointing out that 7 medical teams cooperated in the success of the lady’s operation, as the surgeons, neurologists, maxillofacial and eye surgeries In an operation that lasted 7 hours.

He explained that the condition is stable, conscious and responding to treatment, and there is an evolution in her condition, and plastic surgery was performed to improve the woman’s condition.

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