Italian Lazio competes with Manchester United for the kidnapping of Mostafa Mohamed


Press reports revealed the planning of club officials Italian Lazio To contract with the international The Egyptian Mustafa Muhammad Club striker Turkish Galatasaray During the upcoming summer transfers.

According to the newspaper FOTOMAC The Turkish sports director of Lazio club wants to include Mustafa Mohamed in order to strengthen the front line of the team, especially with the lack of brilliance of Vedat Moriki.

The newspaper confirmed that the Lazio administration is trying to persuade Galata Saray club officials to obtain the services of Mustafa Mohamed in exchange for dispensing with Moriki and in return for money, as part of a reciprocal deal..

Mustafa Mohammed
Mustafa Mohammed

While the Galata Saray Club is preparing to permanently purchase Mustafa Muhammad in the coming weeks, by activating the purchase clause with his contract estimated at 4 million dollars.

He also targets the Manchester United club, including the Egyptian international striker Mostafa Mohamed, as the Devils put the Anaconda at the top of the list of players wanted to sign them next season..

She added that United recently sent scouts to follow the Egyptian star, which was greatly admired by them, due to what he has been providing with his new team recently..


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