Japan requests the use of an Egyptian experiment to implement it in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics


Japan has requested, through its embassy in Cairo, the medical procedures plan applied by Egypt during the organization of the Handball World Cup Egypt 2021, in order to benefit from it in the Tokyo Olympics, which begins next July.

According to the letter from which “Sky News” obtained a copy, the Japanese ambassador in Cairo congratulated Dr. Hazem Khamis, Chairman of the Supreme Medical Committee for the World Handball Championship Egypt 2021, for the success of the organization and the success of the Egyptian medical experience in light of the Corona pandemic, and also thanked him for the information he provided. With regard to the medical file applied during the tournament for assistance in the Tokyo Olympics.

Dr. Hazem Khamis said in a statement to “Sky News” that he had received an invitation from the Japanese side with a number of members of the Egyptian medical committee that supervised the World Handball Cup, in order to participate with the medical committee overseeing the Tokyo Olympics and benefit from the world-leading Egyptian experience. In the success of organizing the first historic international tournament in the shadow of a pandemic

Khamis said, “All international federations in various games waited for what would happen in the Handball World Cup in Egypt, and after we achieved success with the grace of God and thanks to the procedures and professional plan, the tournament succeeded without any injuries, although it was organized at the height of the second wave of the global pandemic. Last January. “

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Ashraf Issa, a member of the Supreme Medical Committee for the World Handball Championship Egypt 2021, said in a statement to “Sky News”, “The experience was exciting and difficult at the same time, and God crowned it with success.”“.

He continued: “The challenge was to develop the medical plan for the first sports tournament in a pandemic, as in July 2020 the Medical Committee of the International Handball Federation was formed headed by Dr. Hazem Khamis, and I was honored to be a member of it, and over the course of 6 months of meetings, reading and listening to views. A tight medical system has been put in place, which is the bubble medicine system, or what is also called the closed isolation capsule (Full Bubble concept) For hotels and stadiums, and they are connected to so-called safe corridors, and inside the capsule, there is a set of complex and sequential procedures.


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