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What is happening between Jordan and Israel these days seems like an extended game between them in the game of ping pong, in which whenever one of the parties hits a ball on its court towards the other, the latter grabs it and returns it with a strong blow to where it came!

The beginning was when Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, the crown prince of Jordan, decided to spend the night of Isra and Mi’raj in the Jerusalem Mosque .. And the two parties in Amman and Tel Aviv almost did not agree on the security arrangements accompanying the visit, until the second party returned from his pledges, and the visit was not completed and it was canceled when The last moment! … and the Jordanian capital must have “carried it in itself” and it was too much for the Crown Prince to want to spend that night where he loves, and then he cannot at the last minute due to ambiguous calculations on the other side!

Two days after Isra and Mi’raj, the government in Jordan was on a date with an opportunity to return the ball to its second end, and that was when Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, was on his way to the Emirates for a visit that had been postponed three times since the launch of the Emirati-Israeli diplomatic relations, Last August .. And it was that he requested a permit to pass his plane over Jordan’s airspace to reach Abu Dhabi!

The response came from the government in Amman that passage is not possible, and that Netanyahu’s plane cannot use the Jordanian space to reach the Emirates! .. Israel had no choice but to cancel the visit without setting a new date, and it had no other alternative!

It seems that Tel Aviv “carried it in itself” in turn, and stood in its place waiting for the opportunity to return the ball to where the goal in Jordan! … and its opportunity came when the King Abdullah government requested to provide it with additional quantities of water, according to the agreement signed between them in 1994!

And Israel’s response was rejection, not because it could not, but because Netanyahu was planning to employ the visit to the Emirates electively, had it not been for the fact that closing the Jordanian airspace in front of his plane had squandered this opportunity from among his hands and spoiled what he was planning between him and himself .. And it increased his anger. That he actually entered the parliamentary elections after canceling the Emirati visit, and indeed he won a number of seats that did not qualify him alone to form the government!

What I know is that Jordan was not the initiator, but he went to the stadium and then continued to perform in the match efficiently when he found himself invited to it, and he was reassuring from the beginning that only the correct one was true in the end!

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