Jumana Murad loses her baby


Elaf from Beirut: The Syrian actress Joumana Murad announced the death of her daughter, Diana, in a blog post she posted on her Instagram account that included a picture of the late girl, who commented on her, saying: “Praise be to God anyway. Diana Rabi` Bseisu. “

And she added, “God willing, you will be our intercessor for the hereafter and for Paradise, O soul of the heart of your mother and father. Your separation is difficult and painful, but you are certainly in a much better place. Oh Lord, inspire us patience and solace and cool our hearts.”

And she continued: “There is no objection to your judgment, O Lord, and praise be to God in any case, and you are a bird of paradise, my mother.”

Sources close to the Syrian artist revealed the details of the death of her young daughter, confirming that she was suffering from a health crisis months ago.

The sources pointed out that “Jumana Murad was presenting her daughter Diana to doctors since her birth, but she did not reveal to those close to her the nature of the health crisis that she was exposed to, as her death did not come as a surprise, but it is the result of a health crisis for some time.”

The Syrian artist gave birth to twins, before the seventh month passed on them, early last October, as they had suffered health crises because of their early birth.

It is noteworthy that Jumana Murad, married to the Jordanian lawyer Rabie Bseiso, and they had Muhammad, then they became three after the birth of twins Ali and Diana, before the Syrian artist lost her daughter Diana.


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