Kazem El-Saher kidnapped the title “Number One” from Muhammad Ramadan


He kidnapped the artist Kazem Al-saher The title “Number One” from the artist Muhammad Ramadan, as it became the title of The No.1 Arabic legend. “Number One – The Arab Legend”, according to “Facebook”, precedes its name.
Kazem El Saher has 12 million followers on “Facebook”, meaning that he is the most followed Arab artist through this application.

Kazem El-Saher had re-published the song “Sitt al-Habayeb” with his voice on his official pages on the occasion of Mother’s Day. His nephew Bader al-Samarrai also posted on his “Instagram” a picture of his grandmother, Nuria, “the mother of El-Saher,” and narrated some details about her 12 years after her death in Cairo. , Where he commented on her picture, “On this night my grandmother called your bright face. I will never forget our last trip from Egypt to Baghdad. It was only you and me. The worst of our trip is that I accompanied you to give you wealth. I will not forget all the details of that trip, my grandmother. I documented all its details.” I will never forget my heart that I left with you. May God have mercy on you and I will make you a paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, and I will make you enter into his mercy.

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