Kenya coach Leela Kora: Egypt is not just Mohamed Salah


Jacob “Ghost” Molly, the Kenyan coach, said that the Egyptian national team cannot be reduced to Mohamed Salah only, and he refused to talk about Kenyas star Victor Wanyama.

The Egyptian national team prepares to meet Kenya next Thursday for the fifth round of Group G in the African Nations’ qualifiers in Cameroon.

“The Egyptian national team takes this match seriously. It is important for the Pharaohs, so it will not be easy for us,” said Molly, the Kenyan national team coach, through special statements at Leela Kora today, Tuesday.

And the Egyptian team list that is preparing for the confrontation saw the presence of Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool, for the first time in a while.

Regarding the presence of the Liverpool star in the list, he said: “As I told you, Egypt takes this match very seriously, but it is not fair to summarize Egypt in the name of Mohamed Salah. Certainly Salah has great experience by virtue of his presence in Liverpool, and we will make every effort to stop his danger, but the national team. Egypt has many good elements, we cannot overlook a player like Trezeguet. ”

The Kenyan coach announced the list of the team known as the “Harmbe Stars” and this list did not know the presence of the former Tottenham and Impact Montreal star, the current Victor Wanima.

By asking the coach why Wanyama was absent, the coach responded briefly: “Don’t ask me about Wanyama. You can ask any questions about any player who is currently in the camp. Don’t ask me about any player who is not present, and it is difficult to explain why Victor is not present now.”

The Egyptian team tops this group with 8 points, which is the same balance of Comoros points that coach Hossam El-Badry’s sons will face in the last round in Cairo.


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