Khaled Al-Nabawy and Mona Hala win the best awards and honor Lotfi Labib at the end of Al-Watani Cinema


Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, Minister of Culture, witnessed the closing ceremony and awarding of the prizes for the 23rd edition of the Egyptian National Film Festival, which came under the title “The Breeze of the Soul”, and its completion was supervised by critic Kamal Ramzy, and organized by the Cultural Development Fund Sector headed by Dr. Fathy Abdel Wahab, in a theater The Republic, in the presence of Dr. Khaled Abdel Jalil, Advisor to the Minister of Culture for Film Affairs, Dr. Magdy Saber, President of the Egyptian Opera House, Mohamed Al-Basousi, President of the National Film Center, members of the jury of short films, documentaries and animation, and a limited number of participants, honored and media professionals, in order to activate the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Inas Abdel Dayem said that the Egyptian National Film Festival represents one of the effective axes to maximize the role of the seventh art in dealing with and addressing social issues, and pointed to its role in promoting national identity and supporting the cinema industry and the creative arts associated with it, adding that the art of cinema is a glamorous way to spread awareness and enlightenment to build A strong and cohesive society.

The Minister of Culture Oscar gifted the Egyptian National Film Festival to critic Kamal Ramzy in appreciation for undertaking the difficult task in completing the activities of the twenty-third session, succeeding the great late Dr. Samir Seif, the former president of the festival, who passed away during his preparation for the work of the current session, as well as honoring a number of artistic figures who The Egyptian cinema has influenced the great artist Lotfy Labib, the great musician Hany Shenouda, director of photography Samir Behazan, and his wife received it, the name of the great director Hassan Al-Imam, and the honor was received by his daughter Zainab Hassan Al-Imam.

For his part, Dr. Fathy Abdel-Wahab, head of the Cultural Development Fund, said that holding the festival in light of the challenges of Corona embodies the belief of the state and the Ministry of Culture in the importance and value of arts in building and developing awareness and confronting intolerance, and adding that the exceptional circumstances imposed the restriction of the closing ceremony to the presence of a number of participants and honorees, In addition to a limited number of critics and journalists, pointing out that it has been decided that the films winning the festival’s prizes will be shown at the Artistic Creativity Center as of March 25 for a period of one week, and all participating films will be shown on Sunday of every week..

In his speech, critic Kamal Ramzy, who oversaw the completion of the 23rd session of the Egyptian National Film Festival, said that the festival stopped two years ago, the first due to the death of the great director Samir Seif, and the second year for a reason beyond our control after the spread of the Corona pandemic, and Ramzi added that the cinematic work All of them are going through a major crisis, from production to theaters, but in the midst of these circumstances, we find Egypt one of the few countries that has been able to withstand that crisis and produced more than 190 films, and he added that despite all that the festival is held this year and 170 films between long and short And recording me and moving, and thanked the Minister of Culture for her role in completing this session and the Opera House and the Cultural Development Fund .

In its twenty-third session, the National Film Festival administration announced the awards for this year. In the feature-length fiction competition, the film “Between Bahrain” won the first prize, and the second prize went to “When We Are Born,” and the third prize was awarded to the film “On Her”.

The directorial award went to director Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sayed for the film “An External Night”, and the award for first production was won by director Anas Tolba for the film “Between Bahrain”, and the screenplay prize went to the screenwriter Amani Moussa, Karim and Layl for the film “Between Bahrain”, and he won the Photography Prize. Abdel Salam Moussa, for the movie “On It”.

The award for best first-role actor went to the star Khaled Al-Nabawy for his role in the movie “One Day and One Night”, while the award for acting for a second role was awarded by the artist Mahmoud Fares for his role in the film “Between Bahrain”, and for the best actress for a first role was won by the actress Mona Hala. Her role in the movie “An External Night”, and the Best Actress Award for a Second Role went to the artist Arefa Abdel Rasoul for the film “Between Bahrain”.

The Artistic Design Award went to the artist, Onsi Abu Seif, for the film “Anah”, the clothing award, and the artist Reem El Adl won for the film “An Outer Night”, the montage award, and the artist Yamen Zakaria won for the film “Between Bahrain”, and the Music Award, and the artist Sherif won it. Al-Hawary for the film “When We Are Born”, and the award for the best voice, which was won by the artist Mohamed Salah for the film “An Outer Night”, and finally a special award for the artist, Granth El-Batrawy, for her role in the movie “The Cactus Flower.”

In the documentary, short and animation films competition, in the animation section, he won the Anton Selim Prize for first work, and director Muhammad Saad Mahmoud Hammad won it for the film bubbleAnd the Jury Prize, which director Osama Abu Zeid won for the film “Mr. Violet”, and the award for best animation, and director Karim Sultan won for the film shattered.

As for the short fictional films section, the Shadi Abdel Salam award went to director Sayed Omar’s first work for the film “Do something Hamed”, the jury prize was won by director Youssef Noman for “This is my night”, and the best film award was won by director Mohamed Farouk for The movie “The Journey”.

In the documentary films section, the Saad Nadim Prize went to the first work, and the director Amir El-Shennawy won it for the film “Kilo 64”, and the jury prize for documentary films up to 15 minutes, and the director Mohamed Hosni Yassin won it for the film “When People Are Satisfied”, and the award for the best documentary until 15 minutes were won by director Louai Galal for the film “A Message to My Father”, and the Jury Prize for documentary films was more than 15 minutes. Director Hanan Rady won it for “The Maze”, and the award for best documentary film was more than 15 minutes, and director Amr Bayoumi won it for a movie. Where did Ramses go? “

It is noteworthy that the two jury of the festival consisted of the “Feature Narrative Film Competition”, the great screenwriter Bashir Al Deek (Chairman), and the membership of Dr. Ghada Jabara, Dr. Thanna Hashem, Director of Photography, Dr. Samir Farag, and critic Magdy El-Tayeb.

The jury for the documentary, short and animation competition included the president of the committee, director and screenwriter Ibrahim Al-Moji, and the membership of each of the critic Essam Zakaria, professor of animation at the Higher Institute of Cinema, Prof. Amna El-Hadary, Professor of Photography, Prof. Muhammad Asr, director Nadine Khan, producer Marian Khoury and director Tariq Al-Zarqani.


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