Khaled El-Ghandour: Zamalek will not agree to Fergani Sassi’s conditions and welcome his departure


Media journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour revealed that Zamalek club will not agree to the exaggerated conditions that Tunisian playmaker Ferjani Sassi is requesting to extend his contract at the end of the season. To extend his contract for a fee suitable for White Castle and will await the decision of the final player“.

Khaled Al-Ghandour adds: “Zamalek management will not agree to the conditions of Farjani Sassi and his agent of exaggerated business, and if he rejects the offer presented to him, his departure will be approved“.

Banduq continued: “The Egyptian market is the most expensive in Africa. Some Al-Ahly and Zamalek stars get annual contracts that exceed the contract of Mustafa Mohamed, who plays in the Turkish Galatasaray and participates in the European Champions League, and Egyptian football is the highest in terms of salaries in the entire African leagues.”“.

Khaled Al-Ghandour added: “There is no player who has an annual contract in Africa more than what the players receive in Egypt, so we will not find an African country out of a total of 53 countries that grant annual salaries and contracts to players, as is the case in Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”“.

The contract renewal file remains Ferjani Sassi Midfielder ZamalekOpen inside the White Castle, in light of the fact that the matter has not been decided definitively on the part of the player, pending the outcome of the coming period during the negotiations and reaching a common point of view that leads the player to sign the renewal contracts and continue after club officials have repeatedly announced that there is a common desire of the club and the player to sign contracts Renewal.

Official source inside Zamalek He revealed the details of the final chapter in the negotiations to renew Ferjani Sassi’s contract, where he listed in statements to “The Seventh Day” the latest developments in the negotiations, explaining that the Tunisian player requested two million and 600 thousand euros net of taxes, with the need to pay all his old dues and the presenter of his contract for the new season , Before signing contracts.


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