Khaled El-Sawy to Wafaa Al-Kilani: I was violent in my childhood and I bit a dog and got fond of in the kitchen


The star Khaled Al-Sawy was a guest on the program “The Biography” presented by the media Wafaa Al-Kilani on the channel DMCAnd the episode started with the presentation of Wafaa Al Kilani, a short film about Khaled Al-Sawy’s life from his birth until he became a star in the world of art, so that Al-Sawy admired this film and decided to keep this film in his possession because of the important information it contains, as well as the way it was presented by Wafaa Al-Kilani.

Wafaa Al Kilani
Wafaa Al Kilani

Khaled Al-Sawy confirmed that he was very naughty during his childhood, and his mother always complained about this misery, and narrated a number of situations in which he caused disasters when he was a child, and he said: “From my mother’s stories to me, she broke my bed when I was a child, and she went To the doctor to see me, and tell him the extent of my misery, so the doctor’s response to her at that time was (let him eat). “

Khaled Al-Sawy added that he was also violent in his childhood and perpetuated the quarrels, explaining: “I was not violent just because of violence, but in order to obtain my rights. To lose anything, “he also revealed that he bit a dog at the age of two.

Khaled El Sawy
Khaled El Sawy

Al-Sawy added: “I bitten a small dog, and if it was a (wolf) he would have saved me, and in fact I am not bloody, but I am nervous and that is from my upbringing. They have a right, and I do not remember if they were wrongfully struck once. ”He revealed that he also set fires in the kitchen of their house as a child, and that the last fire he did was two years ago, when he did not sleep well and left the sticks and slept and burned the world.

In another context, Khaled Al-Sawy is waiting for the series “Cairo Kabul” to be shown next Ramadan, written by Abdel-Rahim Kamal, directed by Hossam Ali, and co-starring Tarek Lotfi, Fathi Abdel-Wahab, Hanan Mutawa, Nabil Al-Halafawi, Nour Mahmoud, Khaled Kamal, Hosni Sheta, Karim Sorour, Yousra Masoudi, Abdul Rahim Hassan, Caroline Khalil, Moataz Hisham, Mahmoud Al Sharqawi, Karim Sami, Maya Talam, Sameh Al Sayed.


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