“Kim Kardashian Egypt” .. Comments of the audience on the latest appearance of Jasmine


03:58 PM

Tuesday 30th March 2021

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Actress Yasmine Sabry published photos, through her official account on the “Instagram” site.

Comments on the pictures poured in from the followers, one of them wrote: “Saira is like Kim Kardashian, a lot given to Hoda Beauty, semi Kardashian, semi Kardashian, a week resembles Nadine Nassib, and a week similar to Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian of Egypt, all of him met Nadine Najim, Nadine Najim Alexandria Branch. “

In the last Ramadan race, the artist Yasmine Sabry was shown the series “Tania Tania”, and Ahmed Magdy, Nihal Anbar, Ayten Amer, Diab, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi participated in the tournament, and it was written by Mustafa Jamal Hashem and directed by Mark Adel.


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