Know what a “great oxidation event” is on Earth and when


In a recent study, the researchers revealed that the major oxidation event that saw the rise in oxygen levels and the flowering of life on Earth occurred 100 million years later than previously thought, as experts from the University of Leeds analyzed rocks from South Africa deposited in the ocean at the time of the great oxidation event more than Two billion years ago.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” website, this event fundamentally changed the Earth’s environment and habitability, and it was the first time that oxygen was present in a large way in the planet’s atmosphere.

The Great Oxidation Event was a pivotal period in Earth’s history, and an international team claims that this period began 2.3 billion years ago, instead of 2.4 billion years ago.

The study researcher also says it should be called the Great Oxidation Ring because it heralded a 1.5 billion year period of climate and environmental stability, allowing the formation of life’s shape.

The University of Leeds researchers worked with colleagues from the University of California, Riverside, Harvard University, the University of Southern Denmark and the University of St Andrews to better understand this vital period in Earth’s history.

This difference in durations, they say, also helps explain some of the most extreme weather events that have impacted Earth.Although the major oxidation event resulted in much lower oxygen levels than they are today, it dramatically changed the chemical makeup of the planet’s surface.

It also paved the way for the subsequent path of biological evolution on Earth, which ultimately led to a planet in which plant and animal life cooperated.


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