Laila Elwi amazes the audience with “hijab and robes” in her latest appearance! (Watch) – Norte newspaper


The artist participated Leila Alawi Its audience and followers through its official account on the photo and video exchange site.InstagramWith the new official poster forMoon costume seriesAnecdote Six Al-Hawam, Who went alone with him and wore the hijab and robes.

The artist also revealed Leila Alawi Through a video clip of her with the cast about the last moments of the scenes of filming his shoe Six Al-Hawam To be presented during the next few days, as part of a series of stories Moon costume seriesAnd appeared in the clothes of the character that you are doing among the events. And she wore the same uniform she was wearing on the official work poster.

The artist Leila Alawi She celebrated her return to the small screen after an absence of 5 years, and she said in this clip that she published: Oh group, we are filming from the morning of 6, and we did such a location, the beautiful people, this stump are all working, and today we are the last day of filming on (Six Al-Hawam).

It depends’Moon costume seriesOn the idea of ​​separate stories, where each story starring a number of artists with a separate title and different details from the rest of the stories and each story is presented in 5 episodes, and the beginning was with the story of “Hata Mina” by the star Ilham Shaheen. “We will not be happy with you.”

Referred to as the last work of the artist Leila Alawi TV was “She and Da Vinci series“, Which was co-starring with the star Khaled El Sawy, which was shown in Ramadan 2016, and the story of the series revolves around a frame of black comedy.

As you revert Leila Alawi To the cinema after an absence of 4 years with “Mama is pregnant movie“, Which is scheduled to be shown in cinemas during one of the seasons this year, and its events revolve around a family from a rich class who are exposed to many comedic situations. The film was written by Loua Al-Sayed and directed by Mahmoud Karim, and Laila Alawi appears in the role of a woman who is married to Bayoumi Fouad and has two sons, Hamdi Al-Mirghani and Muhammad Salam, and co-starring Muhammad Tharwat Nancy Salah and Hoda Al-Mufti, Sami Maghawry, and a number of other artists.


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