Laila Elwi with her son Khaled in his first months of life .. watch how he changed and became a young man!


An account that is active on the application of photos and videos “Instagram” retrieved a picture from the archive of the Egyptian artist Leila AlawiShe appeared in it carrying her son Khaled, who seemed to be in his early months of life at the time. The account also published other photos taken of them while the son was in his early years.

The pictures caught the attention of a large number of followers, who praised the relationship between the artist and her adopted son. It is referred to as that Leila Alawi She had said in this context during an interview with “Laha”: “Despite my love for children, I was not able to ProcreationBut God Almighty did not deprive me of a sense of motherhood. More than ten years ago, one of my relatives died and decided to take care of her only child, Khaled, and not leave him.


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