Laila Koura: Kahraba returns to the April 3rd collective training


An official source in Al-Ahly club revealed the date of the return of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahrab”, the left wing of the team, to the exercises and matches of the Red Castle.

The Al-Ahly football administration had decided to punish him with a one-month suspension and fined him.

A source in Al-Ahly said in exclusive statements at Laila Koura that Kahraba is undergoing an intensive rehabilitation program to prepare him to attend group training exercises, especially since he was absent from him for a period of up to 3 weeks.

The source added that Kahraba will organize the team’s collective training from April 3, and it will be at the disposal of the technical staff to participate in group matches after that.

He explained that the player is carrying out an intensive qualifying program at the same time as the team’s collective training, according to a plan drawn up by the load chart.

He stressed that Al-Ahly has constants and values ​​that it preserves and seeks to bequeath them to future generations, and declaring the penalty of electrification and applying it is confirmation of that, so it is easy to not announce the matter at the time.

“We played difficult matches in the past period, and we faced harsh conditions against Ismaily and Vita Club, from total absences,” the source said.

He continued, “We used to praise the need for electrification efforts, but the club’s constants and preservation of value made us apply the penalty until the end.”

He concluded, “Kahraba is running a qualification program, in agreement with the South African Petsu Musimani, which will be completed in early April, especially since he has long been absent from training.”


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