Lamees Al-Hadidi, daughter of the artist Nahed Sharif .. Learn about the origin of the story


The Egyptian media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, went out on Sunday to respond to a controversy that haunted her for years regarding her being the daughter of the late artist, Nahed Sharif.
Al-Hadidi denied this rumor, which is the most important in her life, through her program “A Final Word”, broadcast on the Egyptian satellite “On E”.

She told the viewers, “We are a very conservative family, and suddenly the mother of Lamis Al Hadidi became the artist Nahed Sharif, the most important rumor in the Arab world, and the problem is that my mother is not Nahed Sharif.”

Lamees Al-Hadidi continued that her mother always called her to deny the rumor that Nahed al-Sharif is her mother, saying: “We have been accustomed in our media work not to deny words that are not appropriate until we deny them, and the story arrived that they found me at the door of the house.”

Lamis Al-Hadidi revealed in her speech on the occasion of Mother’s Day that she is a failed cook, and that her mother taught her to cook, and that after her marriage to the Egyptian journalist, Amr Adib, and until this moment, she uses her notebook that includes all her recipes.

Nahid Al-Sharif is considered one of the most important seduction stars in the Arab world, and she left our world on April 7, 1981, and among her most famous films are “Wolves Do Not Eat Meat”, “Searching for Troubles”, “Rajab on a Hot Tin,” and “Pay Attention, Gentlemen.” .


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