Learn the truth about shaving Cinderellas hair before her death … Video


In June 2001, Souad Hosni was deported in an accident that sparked continuous controversy until now, and the mystery of her death was not resolved, whether it was murder or suicide, after talking about her fall from the balcony of an apartment in London.

About two decades after her death, a video was recently circulated widely showing the artist Samira Sabry holding a dialogue with each of the artists Samira Ahmed, Nadia Lotfy and Raja Al-Jeddawi while waiting for the body of the late Souad Hosni to be buried in Egypt, and they confirmed that they did not believe that she committed suicide, but the three blew. Surprisingly, the doctor Muhammad al-Wahsh, an expert in liver transplantation, who lives in the same building from which Souad fell, could not recognize her after her fall except with difficulty, and he initially thought that she was a man and indicated that her hair was shaved with a mouse.

Cinderellas sister, Jihan Abdel Moneim, denied to “The Seventh Day” the validity of this information and indicated that the artists’ statement was before the arrival of the body, and Jihan said: “Souad, her hair was very long at the time of her death and in the washing we braided it, and it was up to half of her back, and it weighed about 70 kilograms. And adding: “When the body arrived, my sister Janjah and I washed Souad, and no one else saw her, and a fracture appeared in the skull from the back.”


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