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No doubt came to my mind that Egypt would pass the Panamanian ship’s crisis with the least possible loss .. I was confident that the men of the Suez Canal Authority were capable of overcoming the crisis .. In the early hours I saw Lieutenant General Osama Rabie in the cockpit, discussing the problem himself with his men who have rare experiences .. He was calm and confident studying scenarios without tension or anxiety .. When the decision was made, he got off the ship to start work immediately!

Lieutenant General Rabei was the least who spoke to newspapers and satellite channels, but he was the most who thought and worked to find a solution .. as if he wanted to say Wait for us .. And my great concern was with several questions, including: How many days does the ship take to float? .. This time was discounted. Not who entered the canal, but it is days deducted from our interest in the Ethiopia dam, and the countdown is accelerating towards the second filling!

Some eyes were on the Suez Canal, what would happen if a long time had passed? Did the idea of ​​an alternative exist in the minds of those crossing the canal? … Was the crisis marketed as a mistake by the canal authority, and not from the boat captain? .. And my eyes were on a dam. Ethiopia, which is called the error of the Renaissance Dam .. because it was not built for the Renaissance but for intimidation .. Ethiopia could have resorted to generating electricity by building a power station with less than what it built the dam and safer, if it wanted electricity, but it wanted to put Egypt in a position to you, and provoke Unfortunately, the Egyptian state!

My idea was based on the fact that the coming time should be in favor of treating the Ethiopian dam crisis..also that the time of the Egyptian state should be for facing the danger peace and war .. a time when the Pharaoh was rushing to the ends of the earth to break the Nile’s captivity, and not return until the river flowed again. … and we are the children of the pharaohs, and we will not allow the thirst of Egypt, about which Herodotus said that Egypt is the gift of the Nile..and the Egyptian will that liberated the delinquent ship is the same will that will liberate the river, and no eye will sleep for us until that happens!

We, the people, inscribed on the walls of its temples since ancient times, “If the level of the river falls, let all the soldiers of the Pharaoh run, and they will not return until after the Nile is liberated, which restricts its flow.” This is the phrase inscribed on the walls of the Nile Scale in Al-Manial..It is a message for all of us, the descendants of the Pharaohs … and we are not less than our ancestors Those who preserved the river and sanctified it and swore not to contaminate it .. it is the lifeblood of the Egyptians for thousands of years..and the Nile will continue to flow until God inherits the earth and those on it, as long as we have bloodbaths in us, if we exhaust all the tools of politics and diplomacy!

The lesson learned now is: “Do not scratch your skin like your fingernail.” I have followed my brothers saying words from the door of “pro-blame” while they watch and watch only, whether in the ship crisis or the Renaissance Dam crisis! .. When they say they are ready to help, tell them a lot. Your good!

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