“Let us leave whoever is gone to his Lord.” Abbas Shoman comments on the gloating of some in the


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Monday 22nd March 2021

Books – Ali Shibl:

Dr. Abbas Shoman, the former representative of Al-Azhar, commented on the gloating of some on social media about the departure of the writer Nawal Al-Saadawi, and before her, the departure of the Islamic thinker Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Sabouni.

Shoman said: “No blaming the dead … I wrote a few days ago criticizing the attack of some people against Sheikh Al-Sabouni, and from the same standpoint I do not like this attack on the writer Nawal Al-Saadawi, as she moved to her Lord and he is more knowledgeable about her condition. And other than the morals of Muslims. “

In a previous Shoman post, in a post on his official Facebook page, to mentioning the merits of the dead and leaving their affairs to God Almighty, saying: “Remember the goodness of your dead .. I do not like this widespread insulting on the social networking pages of Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Sabouni, who moved to the vicinity of His Lord, for every person is taken from him and received from him except the prophets, peace be upon them, and there is no objection to discussing the opinions and sayings of scholars from those who have the ability to do that from the scholars, but it is not permissible in the event of exposure to the dead or the living, whether they are scholars or not just because they are dissatisfied with the opinion they mentioned. The man is sufficient for what he has done by doing the effort in the service of the Book of God is right or wrong, and whoever has a scientific objection let him discuss the opinion scientifically without confronting its owner, and leave the judgment to the people of knowledge who can judge his opinion and the critical opinion. May God have mercy on Sheikh Al-Sabouti and all the scholars and dead Muslims “.

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