Liverpool news today .. Reds fans attack Gary Neville because of Mohamed Salah


Liverpool fans launched a ferocious attack on Gary Neville The former Manchester United player, due to his constant attack on Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player and the Premier League scorer, while describing what Tottenham striker Harry Kane did when he got a penalty kick in the Aston Villa match, which ended with the Spurs winning with two “nice” goals at a time. Previously, he attacked the Egyptian Pharaoh, describing him as a diver, and he was not entitled to penalties.

The British “Daily Mail” sent an encouraging comment on Gary Neville’s previous comments on a penalty kick To Mohamed Salah He said, “Salah took advantage of it, he knows what he is doing .. never a penalty kick, it looks worse in slow motion,” which is a major attack on Liverpool’s top scorer.

Encouraging comment
Encouraging comment

Liverpool news today

One fan wrote on Twitter:Harry Kane He dives, he’s nice, he’s smart … Salah is blocked, he’s a disgrace to all the veterans of WWII who loved this beautiful game. “

Another fan raised a comment on Twitter that while Harry Kane had been described as cute, Rashford was classified as “smart” and “street-side”, referring to the player’s direction the moment a penalty was awarded to him, but Salah’s designations were Much less positive than Gary Neville.

Another comment on Neville's attack on Mohamed Salah
Another comment on Neville’s attack on Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah report
Mohamed Salah report

Bringing forward the date of the Arsenal and Liverpool summit in the English Premier League due to the champions

The English club Liverpool, which includes among its Egyptian ranks Mohamed Salah, announced the presentation of its next match against Arsenal, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday 4 April at the “Emirates” stadium, the stronghold of Arsenal in the 30th round of the English Premier League, to be held on Saturday 3 April, due to the scheduled Reds match. Tuesday against Real Madrid, Spain.

Liverpool will be visiting Real Madrid on Tuesday 6 March at the “Di Stefano” stadium in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League competition, so the match was presented one day in order to prepare enough for the upcoming battle.

“The next visit of Liverpool in the Premier League to Arsenal will start at 8 pm GMT on Saturday, April 3,” the Liverpool club’s official website said.

He added, “The match at the Emirates Stadium has been postponed from Sunday 4 April due to the scheduling of the Champions League quarter-final match with Real Madrid.”


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