Loud applause in Parliament after the announcement of the interrogation of Heikal … and Jabali: Minister of


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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Nashat Ali:

The main hall of the House of Representatives witnessed a state of loud applause, following the announcement by Counselor Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House, and the receipt of a request from Representative Nader Mustafa, to question Osama Heikal, Minister of Information, because of his failure to perform his duties and committing financial and administrative violations in the Media Production City.

The voices of the deputies were heard, inside the hall, when the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Counselor Alaa Fouad, presented the reasons for the minister’s failure to attend to respond to the comments of the Media Committee, which prompted the Speaker of the House to demand that they not boycott the minister.

The Counselor, Dr. Hanafi Jabali, Speaker of the House of Representatives, confirmed that the parliament had previously informed the Minister of State for Information about his presence before the Council, to discuss the report of the Culture and Information Committee about the minister’s statement that he had previously delivered before the Council, but the minister apologized and demanded that the discussion of the committee’s report be postponed for a period of two weeks so that he could Prepared in response to the report.

The Chairman of the Council continued, and after more than a month and a half had passed, the Council re-inserted the report of the Committee for discussion in the plenary session today, and informed the Minister of the attendance, but he apologized for the second time for attending.

The Speaker added, during the plenary session today, the matter in which the Presidency of the Council feels the presence of arguments, procrastination, a waste of time and a lack of appreciation of the powers of the Council, which leads to the suspension of the Council from exercising its oversight role and continued: The minister’s failure to attend is a violation of the prestige and dignity of the representatives.

Jabali continued, yesterday, Deputy Nader Mustafa submitted an interrogation to the Minister to hold him accountable for his negligence and failure in his position as Minister of Information and his continued commitment to financial irregularities.

He continued, and the minister was informed of the questioning and also the minister of parliaments affairs, pursuant to the internal regulations.

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