Majed Al-Masry dances and sings with his wife during the celebration of his birthday .. Video and photos


The artist Majed Al-Masry celebrated his birthday, in a ceremony that was limited to the presence of some friends from the artistic community and close to him, including the media, Bossi Shalaby, the singer Mustafa Hajjaj, who sang a group of his songs during the ceremony, including the song “Step”, last night, in one of the Places overlooking the Cairo Nile.

The media, Bossi Shalaby, published video clips of the celebration, through her Instagram account, congratulating Majed Al-Masry, saying: “Every year, you are good, Majid … a million years of happiness are a wish.”

Majed Al-Masry and his wife and Bossi Shalaby
Majed Al-Masry and his wife and Bossi Shalaby

These video clips showed the artist Majed Al-Masry, with his wife Rania, dancing the song “Shaw Sweet”, and he sang himself, giving a romantic song to his wife, on this occasion.

Majid and Bossi Shalaby
Majid and Bossi Shalaby

The star Majid Al-Masry reassured his fans and followers several days ago about the health of his wife, Rania Abu Al-Nasr, after she was recently infected with the Corona virus, saying in special statements to “The Seventh Day”: “Praise be to God, she underwent a swab and the result was negative, and her condition is stable and I thank our Lord.” .




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