Malak and Laila Ahmed Zaher in two “princesses dress” dresses at the latter’s graduation ceremony .. Pictures


The young artist, Laila Ahmed Zahir, wore an elegant dress in silver on the occasion of her graduation ceremony, as Laila, the daughter of artist Ahmed Zaher, looked like Disney princesses, in her elegant dress decorated with pink feathers on the shoulders, in addition to the tail for the dress the same color of feathers.

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (1)

Actress Laila Ahmed Zahir shared her happy moments at the graduation ceremony, with her sister, the artist, Malak Ahmed Zahir, who also appeared in an attractive black dress, and Laila published her photos before the ceremony, through her personal account on the “Instagram” site, and wrote in her comment: “A night of a party. Musical, “while Malak posted another group of photos, and wrote in her comment:” I would not have chosen to go with another person … Thank you for being the date of my only dance. “

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (2)

Laila Ahmed Zahir, recently became one of the most prominent young stars, in a short period, after her recent success in the field of acting, and all eyes are on her because of her wonderful elegance, as her Instagram account is filled with a large number of pictures representing different views of her. Its extreme elegance, which drew attention to it strongly during the last period.

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Earlier, Laila Zahir published a group of photos through her personal account on the “Instagram” website, which represented her latest appearance in an elegant blue dress, and the dress, despite its simplicity, attracted attention at the time to the beauty and elegance of the daughter of the great star Ahmed Zaher, as he was not carrying The dress had any drawings or engravings, and the distinctive design of the sleeves drew attention to it, and Laila Zaher completed her look with silver shoes, adopted a simple hairstyle, tufted her hair back, and adopted an elegant makeup suitable for evenings.

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (4)

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (5)

This was not the first time that Laila caught the attention due to her extreme elegance and distinctive dresses, so she appeared previously in a black dress, adopting the fluffy design, and she appeared with her sister and looked like a character from a movie about princesses, while her sister Malak wore a blue dress.

She also previously wore a distinctive dress, with a bright green color, and adopted the hairdo, and she coordinated it with open shoes in black, and the dress was distinguished by a side opening and a tail, which increased the elegance of her appearance.

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (6)

She also previously appeared in another appearance in a blue dress as well, and appeared in a look closer to casual than classic, and lifted part of her locks of hair, and dropped a part on her face, in a distinctive look, which won the admiration of many of her followers.

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (7)

Malak and Layla Ahmed Zaher (8)


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