Mansoura felonies command to execute the rapist of his cousin and kill her with the deceased Ghamr


The Seventh Circuit of the Mansoura Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Magdy Ali Qassem, and the membership of both counselors Wael Safwat and Mohi El-Din Muhammad Al-Kilani, ruled the execution of the accused Hisham Muhammad Sweilam, in Felony No. 24060, Mit Ghamr Center And restricted Number 1391 Kidney South Mansoura on charges of rape and murder of his cousin The girl Yara Ahmed Sweilam, who was not yet 10 years old, after receiving the opinion of the eminent Mufti, who supported the death sentence.

In the last session, the court had extracted the accused from his detention and discussed him about committing the fact, and the accused confessed in detail before the court and in the public session of the rape of the child and explained how the crime was committed and this was proven in the minutes of the public session.

The incident dates back to May of last year, when the girl’s father went to the Mit Ghamr police station, and filed a report of his daughter’s absence, from his home in the village of Jisfa.

A research team was formed to uncover the mystery of the incident and to examine the relations of the father of the disappeared child to clarify whether there are hostilities or disputes that call for a kidnapping or retaliatory dispute with someone, and to examine the cameras near the child’s home, as it was found that he had no disagreements or quarrel with anyone.

The research team also discussed a number of eyewitnesses who confirmed that the child was playing in front of the house and suddenly disappeared, and during the search trip, the girl’s body appeared floating in the waters of the canal near her home, and the body was recovered by the knowledge of the river rescue forces and the families, and the investigation team, the Public Prosecution and the forensic doctor attended.

In the prosecution discussion of the corpse, it was revealed that the child was beaten and suffocated after the debate proved that there were bruises and abrasions all over her body, as well as strangulation effects on the neck, and the forensic medicine revealed that the child was raped before she was killed, indicating a criminal suspicion.

The investigations and investigations also found that the last sighting of the child was with her cousin and then she disappeared, and with the permission of the Public Prosecution to discuss the suspect young man, he was arrested and confronted with what was stated in the cameras and the statements of witnesses that the last appearance of the child was with him, he confessed to committing the incident and the police report stated that he revealed the circumstances of the crime. Which lasted only 5 minutes and ended with the crime of rape and murder, and the accused was taken into custody, and the prosecution office was notified, which conducted the investigation and referred him to criminal trial.

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