Maran Al-Ahly .. A qualification program for electricity .. and an escalation of 12 players


Betso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, led the training of the team that was held this afternoon at the Touch Stadium, after his return from South Africa, to start preparing for the Sudanese Al-Merrikh match in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Musimani had given the team a five-day rest after the Vita Club match, after the competitions stopped due to the international agenda, and then he went with his auxiliary apparatus to South Africa before returning to lead Al-Ahly training today.

Al-Ahly’s technical staff allocated a qualification program for Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, the left wing of the team, to prepare him for the next stage after he had been absent from group training since the third of March.

Mahmoud Kahraba began the implementation of the qualifying program today at the club’s gym, according to the plan set by the technical staff, and upon completion of it, he will normally hold the group training session.

A source in Al-Ahly Lilakora said that the player literally committed himself to implementing the penalty and did not speak with anyone, and he is now starting a qualification program to prepare him for the next stage, which will witness his return to group training, based on a previous agreement between Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, and Betso Musimani, the technical director.

The red team is preparing to face Al-Merrikh, Sudan, on the third of next April in the fifth round of the African Champions League Group A competitions.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the team’s medical staff, said that he is in constant contact with Dr. Suhail Al-Shamli, the doctor of the Tunisia national team, to follow up on the case of Ali Maaloul, the team’s player.

Abu Abla explained that he is closely following the case of Maaloul with the doctor of the Tunisian national team, to get acquainted with the latest developments and developments in the player’s treatment program.

The head of the Al-Ahly medical system confirmed that Maaloul’s condition will be evaluated after returning from Tunisia, before his participation in group exercises with the team.

According to Captain Sayed Abdelhafid, football manager, Ali Maaloul will return from Tunisia on March 30th.

Maaloul had suffered a posterior muscle injury that kept him from participating in group exercises, and he is undergoing a treatment and rehabilitation program to prepare him to return and participate in the team’s training.

And the technical staff of the team, 12 players from the youth sector of the club, to participate in the team’s training that was held this afternoon at the “touch” stadium.

The decision to escalate a large number of the youth sector came due to the joining of a large number of first-team players to the national teams, according to the international agenda during the current period.

Ahmed Tariq Suleiman and Hamza Alaa participated in the guards’ training with Ali Lotfi, under the supervision of Yankon Michel.

The players who were promoted are: Muhammad Husam Mido, Mustafa Elias, Muhammad Ashraf, Ahmed Ashraf, Ahmed Sayed Abdel Nabi, Walid Mustafa, Hassoun Muhammad, Omar Rizk, Ahmed Al-Shami, Ahmed Sayed Gharib, and Ahmed Nabil Kouka.


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