Maritime transport experts: Floating the Suez Canal ship depends on the “depth of articulation”


09:25 PM

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Books – Mahmoud Abdel Rahman:

A number of maritime transport and logistics experts expected that navigation traffic in the Suez Canal waterway would return to normal within the coming hours, after being temporarily suspended during the past 48 hours; Due to the delinquency of the giant container ship EVERGIVEN. Eight locomotives belonging to the Suez Canal Authority are in charge of the rescue operation, joined by Dutch and Japanese rescue teams in floating the ship, which was on a voyage from China to the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

The stranding of the 400-meter-long ship, which is considered one of the largest ships in the world, was due to the lack of visibility, and the loss of its crew of the ability to steer it, as a result of the dust storm that was going through the country last Tuesday morning, according to the Suez Canal Authority. Maritime and logistics, that the amount and depth of the hull of the ship hitting the bottom is what determines the difficulty of floating the ship, and the return of navigation traffic in the waterway, through which 12% of the global trade volume passes, and the marine transport expert expects the completion of the rescue operation within the coming hours, and the return of matters to Its nature in the nautical galleries connecting the Mediterranean and Red Seas

Wael Wasfi, an expert in marine insurance, expects the completion of the rescue operation and the floatation of the ship, whose tonnage weighs 224 thousand tons, tomorrow evening, Friday, explaining that the “dying” of ships is a matter that can happen in any global shipping course, and it may take days, as happened in the waterway of the Suez Canal, This may result in the disruption of global navigation. Wasfi asserts that the ship-owning company and the insurance companies under its umbrella are the ones who bear compensation if insurance is claimed, whether for the Suez Canal Authority or the ships and other companies that were disrupted due to the accident, and is required to deal with The accident is within its limits and not to exaggerate or accuse the Suez Canal Authority of negligence, especially after the Dutch rescue company praised the measures taken by the Authority’s crisis committee.

Captain Mustafa Khalil believes that the ship may float within hours, or the process of rescuing it takes several days, and the Crisis Committee that deals with the situation on the ground is the one who can resolve the matter, explaining that what happened is a natural thing, and it must be dealt with in this context.

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