“Marketing of cultural tourism” announces a five-year agreement to support the inbound movement from Spain


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Mohamed Othman, head of the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee, announced a “five-year agreement” to support the Spanish tourism movement coming to Egyptian tourist destinations, through cooperation with the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee, Luxor University, the University of Malaga and the Institute for the Studies of Antiquities, by agreeing on a set of axes.

Othman said that language is always the vessel of thought and the axis of communication between people, and from that context comes that agreement, as it was agreed to teach the Spanish language at the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Luxor University, through the Spanish language department, in which the study began this year in order to graduate the cadres It operates in various fields of tourism and hospitality related to Spanish tourism, which is the second largest source market for the product of cultural tourism.

He added that the committee presented a proposal that opens the door for Spanish students who wish to study Egyptian antiquities, the ancient Egyptian language (hieroglyphs) and the Arabic language by organizing educational courses in Egypt, where the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee will host these students, explaining that it has been approved by the embassy. Spanish, provided that the practical aspect of training students is under the supervision of the Cultural Tourism Marketing Committee.

He added that the Spanish side has an archaeological mission under the leadership of Dr. Therese and Dr. Francisco, for a period of 20 years and residing in Al-Assasif, pointed out that Ramon Kessars, the ambassador of Spain, is a figure who appreciates the ancient Egyptian civilization, thanking him and his country for the good cooperation to support cultural tourism, praising the ambassador’s declaration of his full support for the cultural tourism industry and its flow to Egypt.

The head of the Cultural Tourism Committee also emphasized that the committee aims to support the state in restoring the movement from the various countries exporting the movement through the use of various tools, including soft power that depends on cultural exchange, launching initiatives that relate to the potential tourist’s passion for Egyptian antiquities, and cooperating with various tourism development partners. In general, the product of cultural tourism in particular.

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