Martel … The funeral of the late director Mohamed Ismail to his final resting place – video – today 24


On Sunday afternoon, the body of director Mohamed Ismail, who passed away on Saturday night, was buried at the age of 70.

Farah El Fassi, close to him, and members of his family came to see the deceased at his home, while his body was buried in the model cemetery in Martel.

The funeral of Muhammad Ismail was held in a low presence, in respect of the precautions.

Muhammad Ismail left after suffering with an illness that made him frequent the hospital several times during his last days.

Ismail was born in Tetouan in 1951, and he is a graduate of the law school in which it was before heading to work in television in 1974.

The late presented many television and cinematic films, the most prominent of which were “Oshtam,” “After,” “Goodbye Mothers,” “Children of the Country,” “Frustration” and “La Mora… Love in Time of War”.


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