Maryam Hussein is being imprisoned because of Mona Al-Saber .. The show continues


UAE .. Summons Maryam Hussein for violating the fundraising law in the case of Mona Al-Saber

The authorities in charge of the donation law in Dubai summoned the Moroccan actress Maryam Hussein, residing in the UAE, against the background of filing a complaint against her for her call to collect material donations for Mona Al-Saber, the mother of the young Bahraini artist, Hala Al-Turk. To save her from prison, without obtaining permission from the relevant authorities.

Maryam Hussein broadcast a video clip through her account in the “Snapchat” application, the moment she left the building of the Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department, in which she said that she does not know “the laws of the Emirate of Dubai” regarding the transfer of sums to an account.

Maryam Hussein added that the competent authorities summoned her to explain the details of the law and how to adhere to it regarding the organization of collecting charitable work, whether it is a donation or assistance, indicating that they have made her aware of all the articles of the law.

And she noted that “the law in Dubai prohibits setting up a bank account number and is required to collect a sum of money for someone for the purpose of donation or charitable assistance before returning to the competent authorities, since this account is not affiliated with a charity according to the law.”

Maryam Hussein admitted her mistake that she launched a fundraising campaign without referring to the concerned authorities, adding that they understood the matter and that her intention was correct, accepted her point of view, and explained the details of the matter to her.

The Moroccan actress stressed that she supports the emirate’s law and anything that is in accordance with the law, she will abide by, especially since she was summoned based on a communication submitted against her, commenting that they held her accountable in the matter because it was good.


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