Maya Diab is under attack for raising her shoes in front of the camera


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The Lebanese actress was exposed Maya Diab She was criticized for publishing a series of photos and videos on her Instagram account to promote her new song.

The audience criticizes Maya Diab

And it appeared Maya Diab In one of the videos, she sits on the floor, puts her shoes in front of the camera, and replaces them with more than one shoe via video, which the followers considered an insult to them.

The criticism directed at Maya Diab came because of the way the video was filmed that made her shoes face the followers, and among the comments: “I mean, God is the height of his absurdity and his words are a reasonable taste, which has followed her in the face of everyone to display her anomalies.”

Maya Diab’s daughter orchestrating a prank

And Kai was surprised, Daughter of Maya Diab Her mother plotted for her during their celebration of Mother’s Day together, where the daughter did an unexpected act that shocked the Lebanese artist, who republished the video clip that revealed her reaction, pinning him with a headache, especially after the prank turned on her daughter.

The video showed the daughter’s attempt to prepare a surprise for her mother and upon entering Maya Diab, she expressed her surprise to embrace the son, who pointed with her hand to someone who gave her a dish of flour that she would sprinkle while her mother embraced her, which shocked the Lebanese artist, especially since what the daughter scattered did not just spread on the ground, but rather She and her mom covered her.

Maya Diab posted the video clip on Instagram, commenting on it: “Whoever digs a hole for his mother will fall into it.” In an indication that the daughter was harmed by throwing the flour dish that stuck to her face.

Maya Diab She expressed her shock in a funny comic way, to then re-publish the video clip amid a state of comedy and funny comments with which her followers interacted with her, including: “God bless you, oh,” your videos are so much complicated, “always publishing the joy where you were not.” “The magic turned against the magician.” Because you are kind, Maya, “I am thinking of collecting your videos with me, so that we can see them in times of boredom and laugh from the heart.”


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