Maya Diab tops Trend on Twitter because of her song “High Heels”


The Lebanese singer Maya Diab released her new song in the Egyptian dialect entitled “The High Heels” from the words of Mahmoud Salah, composed by Mohamed Rahim and distributed by Hady Sharara, through her YouTube channel, and the clip was directed by the Lebanese Sherine Khoury..

Through this song, Maya was able to be the talk of social networking sites and issued the hashtag “high heels” first in the list of the most traded on Twitter in Lebanon, and the song achieved only a few hours after its release about half a million views on YouTube, and its fans and fans interacted greatly with it..

Maya Diab appeared in the clip of the song in a new way that won the approval of a large number of followers and different blocks and in a strange way, in line with the atmosphere of the rhythmic dance song.

Maya Diab Trend
Maya Diab Trend

Maya Diab celebrated her 40th birthday last November in a small party with her daughter Kai, as she was born on November 10, 1980, and at that time, Maya posted a video on her Instagram account, dancing and singing with her only daughter, and she also published photos. To her, wearing a black dress and sunglasses, she said, “A big surprise with my love.”


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