“Mazajinji” … a man was caught breaking into Johnny Depp’s house to take a shower and drink


The “Daily Mail” website reported that the home of the world star Johnny Depp was stormed, as the police said that they were summoned to the house of the Pirates of the Caribbean star in the Hollywood Hills, after a man broke into the actor’s house, prepared drinks for himself and was bathing in one of the bathrooms of the house, and the police indicated that They were called to the scene after a neighbor reported seeing the man attack a house in the neighborhood. TMZ A Deeb employee then called the authorities and reported that there was a man inside the dorm.

Johnny Depp's home
Johnny Depp’s home

World star Johnny Depp and his legal team attended an oral hearing in their attempt to appeal a decision by the UK Supreme Court that the newspaper The Sun The actor was not denigrated by describing him as having violence against his wife in an article published in 2018.

Appeals Court Judge Lord Justice Underhill decreed a two-hour hearing between 15 and 31 March, when further evidence could be presented, and wrote, “The problems raised by both parties are best resolved in a hearing.”

On the other hand, legal team Lamber Hurd, Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, will need to present reasons to oppose the appeal by February 21, while Depp’s team will be able to respond by February 28.

The international star Amber Heard has confirmed that she donated $ 7 million, which is the value of her divorce settlement, to charity, as she promised.

While Depp confirmed that Amber Heard did not fulfill her promise regarding the donations she pledged to charity, and it appears that it is another desperate attempt to divert attention from the findings of the UK court regarding allegations that Depp committed domestic violence against Heard in the United States, attorney Ellen Breedhoft said to the website. Deadline .


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