Medhat Shalaby to Kahraba: Focus on the ball and “your tongue is in your bug” and don’t talk sincerely


Medhat Shalaby sent a message to Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the Al-Ahly player, in light of the suspension that the player was subjected to by Red Castle officials after he objected to not participating in one of the matches.

Shalaby said on the Evening On program, which is broadcast on On Time Sports, saying: “Focus on the ball, but electrify, and forget the phone in your hand, and after you come back you play your tongue remains in your rest, do not speak at all and do not make these movements, they say play play play They say, “You are not going to play badly, because you will come back again, because you have beautiful artistic abilities, a loss that drains them in matters that have no meaning

Shalaby was criticized To electrify In light of his activity through social media, the most recent of which was during the past hours, when he posted a mysterious message, on the Instagram photo-sharing site, saying, “I grew up in my eyes when I thought if it was possible to harm someone like what hurt me and what I did not know.”

The past days witnessed a tug of war between Shalaby and electricity after Shalaby said to the player through the program also, “I do not want to open the old notebooks, and let me remain silent” so that Shalaby returns today and sends a message to the Al-Ahly player again.


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