Meteorology in urgent warning: The country is affected by the fifties of the air depression, and winds reach the storm


The Meteorological Authority issued an air warning from 11 pm today, Monday, to 8 pm tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23, and the meteorological authority revealed that, due to the rapid changes of the spring season, the country is affected by a five-point air depression coming from the Libyan desert heading east to the Republic of Egypt Arabic .


Meteorological statement

The Meteorological Authority warned that this depression leads to wind activity in most parts of the Republic, which causes sand and dust to reach storm levels in some areas, and wind speeds reach (40 and 50 km / h), which leads to a deterioration of the horizontal visibility to reach less than 500 meters on the roads. Desert and exposed.

The Meteorological Authority confirmed the impact of maritime navigation on Bahrain as follows:

The Mediterranean Sea :

Anxiety and wave height (2: 3.5) meters

The Red Sea :

Anxiety and wave height (1: 3) meters

The Gulf of Suez region:

Very turbulent and wave height (3: 5) meters

The Meteorological Authority stressed the need to take all necessary preparations and measures to limit the effects of the expected weather phenomena.

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