Microsoft is backtracking on a new update it previously launched for Windows systems … Learn why


Shortly after its launch, Microsoft decided to stop a new update that it announced as an attempt to solve some of the problems that plague computer users.

Microsoft explained that the new urgent update, which was launched recently under the code KB5001649, was an attempt to address the “blue screen” problems that some Windows users complained about after they received the Patch Tuesday version that was announced in March.

The company indicated that some complaints were received from users after the launch of the latest update as well, and that the update did not address the previously mentioned problems, so it was decided to stop its circulation and provide the ability for users to return to the update bearing the code KB5001567.

Some users of “Windows-10” systems in computers had recently complained about the emergence of a warning in the form of a “blue screen” on their computers alerting them to the need to restart the devices, and those problems appeared when they tried to print documents or files.

Microsoft is currently working on a comprehensive update test for “Windows-10” systems, which is supposed to address many software errors in these systems, including the previously mentioned problem, and to offer computer users a new set of new features.


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